Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jackass 3D (2010)

There really isn't that much to say about Jackass 3D. The only questions that can be answered are is it funny? Is it worth to see it in 3D? How crazy are the stunts? Should I take a girl?

This is coming from a big Jackass fan, I have enjoyed all of their previous films and still watch the old episodes when they play on MTV, so I may be to much of a fan. $50 million opening weekend means they must be doing something good though.

Quesiton: Is it funny?
Answer: Jet airplanes, 10 ft deep snake pits, midget fights, flying port-o-potties and taser filled obstacle courses. If that doesn't answer it for you then probably not.

Question: Is it worth it in 3D?
Answer: Jackass 3D was filmed using the same technology as yes.

Question: How crazy are the stunts?
Answer: See question one. There is a variety that will keep you guessing what your going to see next.

Question: Should I take a girl?
Answer: If the girl is ok with slow motion 3D male nudity, slow motion 3D poop and guys getting hurt a lot then yes. Otherwise you may need to cover her eyes a little bit.

It may not be as funny as Jackass 2, but it is very close and with the 3D it may be the best movie of the series. Jackass 3D is a fun, hilarious movie that will keep you laughing the entire time and is well worth the $200 it takes to go to a 3D movie.

When To Watch Rating: Drunken Guys Night

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