Friday, October 1, 2010

The Burial Society (2002)

In The Burial Society, Sheldon Kasner, an unlikely criminal who works as a bank loan manager, infiltrates the mysterious world of the Chevrah Kadisha (the Jewish society that prepares bodies for burial according to ancient ritual).

 There wasn't much to like about this movie. It was slow (I fell asleep), the cinematography was bad, the acting was sub-par and the editing just made things more confusing. The one thing about the movie that could have been good was the script, but all of those other elements can ruin a good script very quickly.

The movie drags by slowly revealing small pieces to the puzzle of why Sheldon, a middle age man is trying to join the Chevrah Kadisha who is made up of 3 old men. By the end of the movie I wasn't exactly sure who was in on what. And to make matters worse the twist of the movie is made even more confusing with bad editing.

I would say to stay away from this movie unless you want to learn a little bit about the Chevrah Kadisha. When it comes to indie movies this isn't a terrible movie, just not a good one.

When to Watch Rating: While Plunging Your Head in Boiling Water

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